We train ship mechanics!

If the ship engine does not run, the propeller does not turn and the ship can not drive. As a ship mechanic you are responsible for the main engine, the auxiliary engines and various ancillary components.

During their apprenticeship you will learn, among other things, ship systems, technical mechanics, electrical engineering, hydraulics and gas turbines. You must spend a prescribed time at sea to gain hands-on experience with the systems on a ship.

Promoting young talent is important to us, so we train to become a ship mechanic. Since our capacity is limited, we hire only 4 new apprentices every year. If interested, it is therefore advisable to apply in good time.

Applicants must be physically fit, pass a drug test and undergo a medical examination.

Ship mechanics are in demand

Ship mechanics often travel around the world at work, and job opportunities are increasing – especially freighters and cruise ships are looking for ship mechanics.